A Brief History of the Development of Colorful Coatings


Colorful paint is mainly used in imitation stone effect […]

Colorful paint is mainly used in imitation stone effect, so also known as liquid stone, also known as the horizon exterior paint. Is composed of incompatible two-phase components, one of the dispersion medium for the continuous phase, the other phase for the dispersed phase, painting, through a one-time spray, you can get luxury, beautiful, colorful patterns. This pattern, which is formed by disposable spraying, is completely different from the method of forming a multicolored pattern in order to be completed in multiple steps.
Granite is a natural stone, is a magmatic rock, widely used in architectural outdoor finishes. But the cost of granite is very expensive, but also in the construction of the external walls for the surface with a public risk, not easy to large area or high-rise building exterior wall paste use. Therefore, for the building to achieve the appearance of granite luxury effect, imitation granite materials continue to emerge, because the granite color heterosexual so that the imitation process is very complex, people need a simple imitation paint Simplify the complexity of the imitation process, in this context, colorful paint came into being.
Production Process
After coating, due to uneven, resulting in dispersion and can get a variety of color patterns, three-dimensional sense of strong, elegant luster, the appearance of good texture relief relief coating. It is resistant to acid and alkali, resistant to washing, resistant to pollution, wear resistance, high bonding strength, can be applied to plaster, cement, asbestos, brick, wood, metal surface.
Application areas
Colorful paint is a new building decoration material for landscaping hotels, cinemas, cultural and entertainment places, shops, office buildings and residential buildings.