About styrene production issues and recommendations


Although the research and development of SBS in China h […]

Although the research and development of SBS in China has made important progress, two sets of 10,000-ton production units have been built using the complete set of technology developed by ourselves, and a complete set of technology has been successfully provided to Enichem Elastomers of Italy and Taiwan Synthetic Rubber Co., Ltd. transfer. However, compared with foreign advanced technology, China's SBS and its series of complete sets of technology still have a certain gap in terms of material consumption, energy consumption and variety. Therefore, from the perspective of long-term development, it is necessary to further increase the investment in scientific research in the field of SBS, and further improve the technical level in terms of material consumption, energy consumption, continuity of production and process control, as well as application and development of products, variety of varieties and grades. Sexually strive to achieve greater breakthroughs to enhance the overall competitiveness of China's SBS industry to participate in the international market.
At present, the domestic SBS domestic market satisfaction rate is only about 50%. In the future, as the demand increases, the satisfaction rate may be lower. This lays a good market foundation for the development of domestic SBS. However, I should see that the further expansion of the SBS plant of the synthetic rubber plant of Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Company and the synthetic rubber plant of Yueyang Baling Petrochemical Company has started. Some regions and enterprises in China are also stepping up the preliminary research work on the SBS project. It is expected that the capacity of SBS production facilities in China will be greatly improved in the next few years. At the same time, the domestic market will be affected by the products of China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, and the competition between domestic and international SBS will become increasingly fierce. Therefore, the newly built equipment must have a competitive advantage in product performance and production cost in order to survive and develop in the competition.
At present, foreign SBS is mainly used for the production of adhesives and asphalt modifiers, while China's SBS products are mainly used for the production of lower grade shoe materials. It is extremely urgent to develop new uses for SBS and develop new grades. With the country's massive investment in infrastructure construction and the acceleration of the construction of high-grade roads, SBS is an important potential market for road asphalt modification. After the implementation and commissioning of this project, it is necessary to further strengthen scientific research, strengthen cooperation with asphalt manufacturers and road construction departments, and develop a variety of SBS modified road asphalt series suitable for domestic real-time as soon as possible, occupying this new Application area.