Composition and Advantages of Water - in - water Colorful Coatings


Water-coated water colorful paint, because of its simpl […]

Water-coated water colorful paint, because of its simple, beautiful, elegant, natural and smooth granite texture, seamless blend, smooth and smooth surface smooth, feel rough, high adhesion film does not crack, high weather resistance, high resistance Easy to clean, self-cleaning function, so much loved by everyone.
Liquid stone colorful paint composition
1 primer: fill the gap, close the wall alkaline, improve the combination of layers, increase the adhesion of the base surface.
2 watery colorful coating: imitation stone main color layer, at the same time with flexibility to prevent wall cracking.
3 water-based colorful main material: imitation stone modeling layer, you can create almost the same as the original stone texture effect.
4 gloss finish: protects the inner coating, has a durable and anti-UV function.
Liquid stone paint have to say the advantages:
1, energy conservation: water-in-water colorful paint, pure water-based formula, raw materials, excellent technology. Granite stone, depending on nature, the development of powerful resources, the ecological have some damage. Water covered with colorful paint to solve this problem, and decorative curtain wall color can be man-made control, energy saving and environmental protection, commendable high-tech products.
2, the safety: the coating weighs only one hundredth of the granite stone or even lower, do not like the original granite stone decoration life insurance and worry, fundamentally freed the stone dry hanging heavy load serious life and property concerns The Non-toxic and tasteless, water-based environmental protection.
3, very high simulation: water bag water colorful paint, according to the provision of stone granite samples, simulation can be true and false difficult to distinguish. Decorated on the wall, a certain range, simply can not tell true and false. For the creation of personalized and unique shape of the external walls to provide a convenient.
4, anti-seepage and anti-fouling: water-in-water colorful paint, good flexibility, elastic crack resistance, smooth surface impermeability, completely avoid the stone, tiles and other veneer material gap between the serious leakage risks. Compared with the previous rock really rock paint simulation is low, poor resistance to dirt, easy to crack and other characteristics compared to water-in-water colorful paint makes these problems are systematically resolved, and impermeability itself played a self-cleaning function.
5, high-grade beautiful: water-in-water colorful paint, can be free to color and color point with the final designer to achieve the desired design results, while retaining the natural stone realistic texture, but also free to create more exquisite results, to overcome the traditional Stone pattern of the dull, occasional, limitations.
6, easy to follow: water bag water colorful paint, can be in the trapezoidal surface, cylindrical arc surface, fan-shaped surface, all kinds of special-shaped, special shape on the random inkjet, Easy to solve the traditional sheet can not be any veneer construction problems.
7, fashion trendy: water bag colorful paint, easy renovation, always maintain the trend of youth fashion. Completely changed the traditional stone dry hanging frame stereotypes can not be demolished and changed the trouble.
8, good water resistance, good weather resistance: anti-aging, anti-rain, anti-acid rain, anti-mildew algae, long life; water bag colorful paint performance, easy maintenance, high pressure water gun can clean the wall, like New.