Development of colorful coating of water - coated granite


The more natural and return to the natural human, perso […]

The more natural and return to the natural human, personalized patterns, more ordinary paint can not match the high elasticity, high cracking resistance and other coating characteristics. Application of innovative colloidal technology and the new color concept to produce paint, the product has a stable, different size of the multi-color combination of color form, you can spray a very artistic appearance of the color pattern. Innovative colloidal technology is applied to the preparation of colorants,
Can be prepared in the diameter of l ~ 5mm different size of the soft particles, the various colors of particles do not interfere with each other, stable suspension in the emulsion, can save 1 year. The use of these two new technology to produce full-water colorful exterior paint, in addition to the decorative and construction of simple features, but also has high weather resistance, high elasticity crack resistance, high resistance to contamination, high resistance to washing, high self-cleaning effect and Cost-effective and other six characteristics. The current mastery of manufacturing technology has been able to imitate natural granite, produced by 0.5
Model and natural granite together, in 3m has been difficult to distinguish between true and false. In this paper, combined with Chongqing Yulongyanghao Paint Co., Ltd. in the imitation granite water-in-water multi-year coating research and development experience, its development process and performance to discuss.
1 test
1.1 Main raw materials
Cellulose: HBR250, the United States crushed dragon; fluoride silicone emulsion, Taiwan Changxing; protective adhesive: GTS, the United States Wani Mai Ami; hydrophilic wetting agent, dispersant, multi-functional additives AMP a 95, fungicide, Agent, Dow Chemical; hydrophobic wetting agent, defoamer, Haichuan chemical; film forming agent, antifreeze, Eastman; titanium dioxide: R a 298, Panzhihua Iron and Steel; heavy calcium carbonate: 1250 , Sichuan Baoxing micro-nano; calcined kaolin: MXK201 type, Inner Mongolia Mengxi; deionized water: homemade
1.2 The main equipment DC a 2-type blade mixer, SDF400 sanding machine, airless spraying equipment.
13 Water-based multi-color coating formula Water-based paint coating formula should be able to meet the following requirements: stable storage, the film has a good overall physical properties, raw materials should be as easy as possible, the cost should be as low as possible May be simple.
1.3.15% Preparation of protective adhesive solution GTS slowly added to the medium-speed stirring deionized water, dispersed 60min, adding preservatives and fungicides, 24h after use. 5% protective adhesive solution in Table 1.
Table 15% Formulation of protective solution
1.3.2 Preparation of Base Paint Distilled water, cellulose HRB250 was stirred until completely dispersed. And then followed by adding dispersant, hydrophilic wetting agent, multi-functional additives AMP-95, partial defoamers, fungicides, titanium dioxide, heavy calcium carbonate, high-speed dispersion to less than 50m fineness. And then add the fluorine silicone emulsion, the remaining defoamer and 5% protective adhesive, medium-speed dispersion, packaging stand-by.