How is the heat-resistant acrylic adhesive developed?


Using methyl methacrylate prepolymer as the main resin, […]

Using methyl methacrylate prepolymer as the main resin, the effect of the type and content of cross-linking agent on the tensile shear strength and stress-solvent-silver properties of the adhesive was studied. Vinegar adhesive.

The proper amount of cross-linking agent is beneficial to improve the temperature resistance of the adhesive, but the excessive addition of the cross-linking agent can plasticize the adhesive, which is not conducive to the improvement of the high-temperature performance of the adhesive.

Due to the slow rate of absorption and diffusion, the polymer material is not easy to cause the plexiglass to produce silver streaks, and the content of the polymer material in the adhesive is improved, which is beneficial to the improvement of the adhesive stress-solvent silver streak property.

Production method: 45 parts of 2-ethylhexyl acrylate, 44 parts of butyl acrylate, 3.9 parts of acrylic acid, 2 parts of allyl glycidyl ether, 0.1 parts of hydroxyhexyl methacrylate and 5 parts of vinyl acetate The copolymer obtained by mixing the ester-toluene (45%) solution and the other components in the formulation are uniformly mixed to prepare a gel.

The adhesive is mainly used for the manufacture of adhesive sheets, and also for the bonding of metals and plastics.