The introduction of hard monomer styrene acrylic emulsion system


The introduction of hard monomer styrene acrylic emulsi […]

The introduction of hard monomer styrene acrylic emulsion system, known as styrene-acrylate emulsion, is widely used in adhesives, paper sizing agents and coatings due to its high cost performance.
With the development of the paper industry, styrene-acrylic emulsion has become an indispensable industrial product in the paper industry and paper processing. It has been used in a large number of pulp additives, paper impregnants and paper coating agents to improve the resistance of paper. Zhang strength, ring pressure strength and water resistance. According to different processes and functions, styrene-acrylic emulsion mainly has the following classification:
(1) Silicone modified styrene-acrylic emulsion
Silicone-modified styrene-acrylic emulsion is abbreviated as silicone styrene-acrylic emulsion. Silicone has excellent resistance to high and low temperature, UV and infrared radiation resistance, resistance to oxidation degradation and other properties, with silicone modified styrene-acrylic emulsion can significantly improve its weather resistance, gloss retention, flexibility and durability.
(2) Organic fluorine modified styrene-acrylic emulsion
Coatings with organic fluoropolymer or fluorine-modified organic polymer as the main film-forming substance have excellent weather resistance, durability, chemical resistance and corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, insulation, non-repellency and resistance Pollution and other properties, widely used in construction, aerospace, electronics, electrical, mechanical and household daily necessities, wood furniture and other fields, is a high-performance, new, unique in one of the performance of the coating, in the paint industry occupies a very Important status, enjoy the reputation of "paint king".
(3) Epoxy resin modified styrene-acrylic emulsion
Epoxy modified styrene-acrylic emulsion not only has the advantages of high strength, corrosion resistance, strong adhesion of epoxy resin, but also has the characteristics of weather resistance, good gloss, etc. of styrene-acrylic emulsion, hardness, pollution resistance, and water resistance of the coating film. Excellent, great promotion value.
(4) Functional monomer modified styrene-acrylic emulsion
The research on the further improvement and improvement of the performance of styrene-acrylic emulsions has become more active, and the study of functional monomers in the system is one of the hot spots. The comonomer composition can generally be divided into 3 parts. The first is a soft monomer (acrylic ester), the glass transition temperature is low, and the adhesive property of the polymer is given; the second is a hard monomer (styrene), and the glass transition temperature is high. The cohesive force is given to the polymer; the third is a functional monomer, which can be copolymerized with soft and hard monomers to obtain a copolymer having a functional group, which can significantly improve the overall performance of the emulsion.
(5) Cationic styrene-acrylic emulsion
Cationic styrene-acrylic emulsion refers to a polymer prepared by using a cationic surfactant or a positively-charged acrylic monomer, or a copolymer whose basic characteristic is a positive charge on the surface of the polymer or the polymer itself. Since the cationic styrene-acrylic emulsion has a positive charge, it not only facilitates the neutralization, adsorption and adhesion of negatively charged surfaces, but also has bactericidal, dust-proof, and antistatic effects.