The water-treated silicone defoamer is an emulsion-type


The water-treated silicone defoamer is an emulsion-type […]

The water-treated silicone defoamer is an emulsion-type modified silicone defoamer. It has good dispersibility in water, good acid resistance, alkali resistance and excellent defoaming and foaming durability. Widely used in various types of wastewater treatment, metal cleaning and other fields.
Performance characteristics:
A, high cost performance, saving production costs;
B, excellent alkali resistance, temperature resistance, shear resistance;
C. Chemically inert, non-toxic and harmless to the environment.
The main parameters:
Appearance: milky white liquid
Solid content: 5%
PH value: 6.0 ~ 8.0
Viscosity: 2000-4500mpa
Ionic: nonionic
1. Add directly to the foaming system and stir to spread it evenly. In order to exert the continuous defoaming ability of the product, it is recommended to use a metering pump to continuously drop.
2. When the temperature of the foaming system is higher than 60 °C, it is recommended that the defoaming agent be added before 60 °C to exert its maximum effect.
3. Due to the temperature and agitation of different wastewater systems, the dosage of 100ppm is generally 100-1000ppm, and the ideal effect can be achieved according to the site to achieve the best dosage.
Pulp sewage treatment and other sewage treatment, cleaning engineering, etc.
Packaging storage transportation recommendations:
The main packaging of Jingqi defoamer is 25kg, 120kg, 200kg and tonnage; JQ-604 defoamer is suitable for storage at 5~35°C, and the shelf life is 6 months. Do not place near heat sources or in the sun. According to the general chemical storage method, the seal is ensured after use to avoid deterioration.