Water-based colorful paint spraying construction remember


Water-based colorful paint, refers to the water as a so […]

Water-based colorful paint, refers to the water as a solvent or dispersion of a kind of coating, in the water-based paint construction process, spraying method is one of the most important way. So for water-based paint spraying construction, what skills?
With the continuous development of society, water-based paint has been rapid progress, as a new type of paint, I believe we did not get a comprehensive understanding and understanding, let alone water-based paint spraying construction techniques, but no relationship in the Xiaobian here to collect the relevant points for your reference.
In the water-based paint construction process, the surface coating with the coating method, can be a thin and uniform coating, for different geometric shapes, holes, cracks, rugged, paint can be distributed evenly; for spraying large surface , More brushing more quickly and effectively, you can currently spray coating is the most important method of water-based paint construction process.
Dilution of the coating Mix the paint with a clean water to adjust the viscosity of the coating to a coating with a 4-viscometer, and the appropriate viscosity is generally 20 to 30 seconds. Usually with a paint into a straight line, instantly cut into a drop down, the viscosity is appropriate.
Atmospheric pressure control In the operation of water-based paint spraying operation, the air pressure should be within 0.3-0.4 MPa, the pressure is too small, affecting the overall effect, and the pressure is too large, not only a waste of material will affect the operator's health.
Nozzle and the object of the distance control is generally 300 to 400 mm is appropriate, of course, can also be 10 mm to 50 mm between the small range of adjustment, if not within the range, then it is difficult to get the most ideal film.
Spray speed control spray gun can be used up and down, left and right to move to 10-12 m / min speed uniform operation for the best, of course, the nozzle should be flat in the surface spray, try to reduce the oblique spray. Spray to the next one to suppress a 1/3 or 1/4, so that it will not leak phenomenon. Spray fast-drying paint, the need to spray the order in a row. Filling effect is not ideal.
 Outdoor environment considerations in the outdoor spraying, we must pay attention to the wind direction, the wind is not suitable for water-based paint spraying construction, in order to avoid causing ugly granular surface, the operation of the operating personnel should stand in the wind direction. In order not to cause the spray after the spray fog splash has been sprayed on the paint film, damage has been sprayed good film, water-based paint spraying operation should follow: first difficult after the first, after the first high and low, first Small after the big principle.