Water spray water colorful paint how to spray evenly?


Water-in-water multi-color paint spray guns to use most […]

Water-in-water multi-color paint spray guns to use most of the spray, for the operation, but also because of the improper use of the gun caused by uneven distribution of the coating, the following together to see how to solve it
The smaller the gun distance, the greater the pressure on the spray, the greater the impact of the product by the pressure of the water, water-in-water multi-color coating coating will appear uneven situation, resulting in smear too thick problem; gun distance, spray pressure Small, easy to drain paint, so that part of the material is too much spray, smear not reach the specified thickness.
The sprayed sector is perpendicular to the surface to be coated. Manual spray gun, the spray width can not appear too large, otherwise there will be uneven coating problems. Spray gun operation should always be parallel with the coated surface, perpendicular to the spray fan, the operation rate is unstable, the coating thickness is not uniform, the operation rate is too fast The coating is too thin, the running speed is too slow The coating is too thick.
When using the spraying equipment, to be moderate, the distance can be appropriate, so as to be able to get the desired coating effect.
Different spray patterns vary in pattern
After the construction, some of the things that need to be completed at the end of the patch, paint and help equipment to clean up, after the use of residual paint to block the reservation, which is the need to pay attention to the problem.
Note: the construction of the way and the density will directly affect the final stone effect.