What are the advantages of the external walls of the real stone


The exterior of the building is really like this, and i […]

The exterior of the building is really like this, and it is like a stone, and the colors are warm and natural, and the color is fresh and nice. Perhaps a lot of friends, for this anti-stone coating is not very understanding, so, will inevitably feel very strange, then this material really have these advantages? The In fact, this anti-stone coating not only has these advantages, but also have other advantages. If you are interested, may wish to take a look at the following article.
1, with a very strong ability to beautify the strong. As we all know, this facade really stone paint is called imitation stone paint. This paint production process, due to the addition of a variety of additives, making the paint has a variety of practical functions, such as adding a color stone, so that the paint after painting, the formation of a marble like the general color , Not only realistic, but also replaced the stone material, not only to greatly reduce the cost of construction, but also to beautify the role of building facades, elegant, noble, is an ideal external decorative paint.
2, the external walls of the building is really strong stone paint the use of capacity. The facade of the facade can be painted directly on the surface of the building, so it is very easy for the paint to flow in the market, and the people who use it are increasing. Whether it is used with the limestone building surface, or used in the marble surface, cement building surface and so can be universal, without any restrictions.
3, comprehensive and powerful. The facade of the real stone paint can be used for a long time on different building surfaces because of its wide application area. Of course, this coating by adding a variety of additives, and to give this material more comprehensive performance. Among them, this coating is known for non-toxic environmental protection capabilities, are generally selected green water-based paint-based, therefore, people's health has no effect, has passed the national environmental testing certification standards. In addition, this paint after painting on the building, then the color is fresh all the year round, will not cause fading phenomenon, and can extend the life of the building surface, you can use for more than a few years.