What are the styrene packaging and shipping requirements?


1. Since styrene easily reacts with air, liquid styrene […]

1. Since styrene easily reacts with air, liquid styrene packaging is generally tightly packed in steel drums, glass bottles, and plastic bottles, and the outer packaging uses ordinary wooden boxes or fiberboard boxes.

2. The flash point of styrene is 31 degrees Celsius, so in the summer transportation, avoid the noon high temperature period, and keep away from heat source and high temperature area during transportation.

3. Styrene is easy to react with oxides, acidic substances and other chemicals. It should be transported by special car during transportation to avoid mixing with oxides and acidic substances.
4. For transport vehicles, when transporting styrene, the vehicle should be equipped with fire-fighting equipment and some emergency plugging equipment. If you use tank trucks or tankers, you must have a grounding anti-static setting. Moreover, the exhaust pipe of the vehicle should also have a fire-stopping device.

5. Due to the high risk of styrene, when transporting styrene, follow the prescribed route and avoid passing through densely populated areas. Avoid emergency stop when the vehicle is running, so as to avoid collision and damage the packaging.

Styrene is a flammable liquid and must be handled in accordance with the requirements of flammable liquids during transportation and storage. Moreover, the transportation of styrene is to be carried out by enterprises with dangerous goods transportation qualification certificates, and ordinary enterprises and individuals cannot transport styrene. If you have any other questions, please contact us, Guangzhou Changlian Storage and Transportation Dangerous Goods Transportation Co., Ltd. - a professional dangerous goods transportation enterprise.