What are the types of fiberglass coating?


Glass fiber mesh cloth, also known as glass fiber mesh […]

Glass fiber mesh cloth, also known as glass fiber mesh cloth, thermal insulation mesh cloth, thermal insulation net, is roughly divided into standard glass fiber mesh cloth, enhanced glass fiber mesh cloth, and flame retardant glass fiber mesh cloth. And self-adhesive fiberglass mesh four.

Mesh cloth (insulation net)
The mesh cloth is based on a medium-alkali or alkali-free glass fiber woven fabric and is treated with an alkali-resistant coating. The product has high strength and good alkali resistance, and plays an important structural role in the heat preservation system, mainly preventing the generation of cracks. Due to its excellent acid-resistance, alkali resistance and other chemical properties, as well as high tensile strength in the warp and weft, the stress on the external wall insulation system can be evenly dispersed, and the entire insulation caused by the impact and extrusion of the external force can be avoided. The deformation of the structure makes the insulation layer have high impact strength, and is easy to construct and quality control, and plays the role of "soft steel bar" in the insulation system.

Glass fiber caulking self-adhesive tape
The glass fiber self-adhesive tape is made by coating the acrylic copolymer with high-quality glass fiber fabric, and the glass fiber is chemically stable and not easy to be oxygenated.
Therefore, the glass fiber caulking self-adhesive tape we developed and produced not only has unparalleled superiority of other similar products, but also has the following characteristics:
----------Excellent alkali resistance
----------High strength tensile strength and deformation resistance