What is the color of the waterborne polyurethane


Most of the milky white     The whole process of waterb […]

Most of the milky white
    The whole process of waterborne polyurethane can be divided into two stages. The first stage is pre-stepwise polymerization, that is, the oligomeric diol, the chain extender, the water-based monomer and the diisocyanate are progressively polymerized through the solution to produce the aqueous polyurethane prepolymer having the order of the order of 1000; And the dispersion of the post-prepolymer in water.
Waterborne PU because of its environmental role, although the history is not long, but the development is very rapid.
Waterborne polyurethane, including polyurethane aqueous solution, water dispersion and water emulsion three, for the binary colloidal system, polyurethane (PU) particles dispersed in a continuous water phase, also known as water-based PU or water-based PU