What is the dilution of acrylic emulsion paint?


Acrylic paint is industrial paint, because it has good […]

Acrylic paint is industrial paint, because it has good outdoor durability, generally used in the brushing of metal materials on the surface, such as steel, aluminum, metal containers, and surface coatings for billboards, bridges, etc., specific paint When you need different dilution ratios. Here to talk about: What is the dilution of acrylic paint?

According to the characteristics of acrylic paint, before use, the paint and acrylic thinner (curing agent) should be adjusted according to the requirements, it is best to use how much match, use after stirring, generally used within 8 hours. When the use is not the same, the proportion of paint and curing agent will be different.

Acrylic thinner (curing agent), also known as acrylic paint thinner, is a colorless and transparent, due to its good solubility, it can also be used as a cleaning and degreasing effect, a liquid with special aromatic smell (toxic), and boiling point Lower, can be diluted with a wide variety of organic solvents.silicone acrylic emulsion
Acrylic lacquer thinner has many advantages, it can reduce the viscosity of the resin in the paint solvent, improve the process performance of the paint, thereby reducing the paint viscosity and consistency. It can also be used to remove oil stains on metal surfaces before spraying metal surfaces, increasing the bond between paint and metal surfaces.

Acrylic paint using acrylic paint thinner ratio, in different applications, the ratio of the proportion of ingredients is different, the specific use of professional guidance. For example, the ratio of the smooth metal surface to the rusted metal surface is not the same, and the ratio of the spray paint and the brush paint is not the same, and the ratio of the primer and the top paint is not the same.
Due to the presence of the benzene component in the acrylic paint thinner, there is a certain hazard to the human body. Before painting and assembly than mixing, it is necessary to do a good job of safety protection measures to ensure the safety of construction workers, such as wearing a respirator or wearing a chemical mask. Safety masks and special chemical gloves, strengthen ventilation facilities and so on.