What is the main use of styrene?


The main use of styrene:     Used as a monomer for synt […]

The main use of styrene:

    Used as a monomer for synthetic rubber and plastics to produce styrene butadiene rubber, polystyrene, styrofoam。Copolymerization with other monomers to produce a variety of engineering plastics for different applications.

PS polystyrene:

    Mainly used in the manufacture of audio-visual products and CD-ROM boxes, lamps and interior decoration parts, high-frequency electrical insulation parts;

    Train vehicle parts, auto parts, plastic parts for ships, telecommunications electrical parts and building materials;

    Manufacturing hard non-woven fabric


    Can be used for processing into film, wire and cable sheath, pipe, various hollow products, injection molding products, fiber, etc., widely used in agriculture, packaging, automotive and other industries

    Industrial and agricultural products, food packaging materials, crop seedling film, channels, reservoir anti-seepage film

    Production of high impact plastic profiles, rubber additives

    Plastic, cable material, ink processing aid

    Preparation of various cable outer sheaths

    Making rotomoulded products

    Raw materials for blow molding, injection molding and extrusion molding

    High temperature resistant solvent resistant anti-corrosion electronics industry, electromechanical industry, automotive industry, food industry

    Preparation of various flame retardant products

    Production of film for agricultural, food and industrial packaging, wire and cable coating and coating, synthetic paper

    Used as a special film, large container, large pipe, sheet and sintered material instead of steel