What is the usage of universal waterproof coating?


1. Base surface treatment: The base surface must be fir […]

1. Base surface treatment:
The base surface must be firm, clean, smooth, moist and free of oil, no floating ash, the base surface has voids, cracks and other defects, the first cement mortar repair leveling, yin and yang with a spatula rounded half radius.
2. Ingredients:
Pour the liquid material into the container according to the mixing ratio, then slowly pour the powder into the liquid material, and stir well until it is in a paste-like state without agglomerates, and then use it after standing for 5 minutes, during use. To maintain intermittent stirring to prevent delamination.
3. Construction:
Use a bristle brush, roller, or spray gun to evenly brush or spray the mixed slurry on a damp substrate. For moisture protection, apply only one coat for waterproofing. Apply two to three coats. When the first layer is dry to just not sticky (usually takes 1-2 hours), the second layer can be painted. Every two layers of brushing direction should intersect perpendicularly.
4. Coating protection:
After the slurry is finished, the coating must be protected before it is completely dried and solidified, including pedestrians, rain erosion, exposure to sunlight, and sharp object damage. The coating after complete drying does not require special protective layers.
5. Coating maintenance:
24 hours after the completion of coating construction, it is recommended to use a damp cloth to cover the coating or spray water to cure the coating. Normally, the air will be humid for a period of 2-3 days. If the ventilation is poor, the drying time will be longer at the place where the ventilation is poor. On the contrary, the air circulation is short. Poor environment, mechanical ventilation can be used to accelerate drying rate.