What is the use of styrene acrylate copolymer?


Packaging materials occupy an extremely important posit […]

Packaging materials occupy an extremely important position in plastic products. According to statistics, the world's plastics used in the packaging sector account for about 35% of the total plastic consumption. China's packaging plastics have developed rapidly, and the output has rapidly increased from 190,000 tons in 1980 to 4.65 million tons in 2003. It is expected to exceed 5.5 million tons in 2005, more than 7 million tons in 2010, and more than 9 million tons in 2015. More than 13% of the total national packaging production.

From the product point of view, packaging film accounts for more than 50% of the total plastic packaging. China's biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film is one of the largest consumption areas of PP resin. In 2003, there were 86 BOPP production enterprises (123 production lines) in China, with a total production capacity of about 1.4 million t/a, and reached 200 in 2004. Million t/a (138 production lines), the output will exceed 1 million tons. In recent years, domestic enterprises have focused on improving the competitiveness of their products. They have introduced a number of advanced BOPP production equipment, which can produce film widths up to 8.3m and line speeds of up to 400~500m/min. For example, Zhejiang Dadong Group introduced Bruckner Germany 6 10,000 t/a production line; Guofeng Group invested 200 million yuan to introduce 35,000 t/a production line (currently the first in Asia, the fourth in the world, 10 m wide BOPP equipment); Changzhou Wujin Jinshi Group introduced 20,000 t/a in Germany Five-layer co-extruded high-strength ultra-thin BOPP production line; Fujian Hyundai Group introduced 25,000 t/a production line; Baoshuo Group plans to introduce 100,000 t/a production line. According to the current production capacity of BOPP film in China, the demand for PP resin is nearly 2 million tons per year. Therefore, it is necessary to develop PP special materials with high line speed, extensibility and transparency for BOPP film, including supporting B. , propylene copolymer to adapt to the newly introduced BOPP film equipment.