What is waterborne adhesive


Water-based adhesives mainly dry or adhere to the surfa […]

Water-based adhesives mainly dry or adhere to the surface by absorbing a large amount of water. Because the adhesive has a raw solid starch gelled on the paste line to absorb water. In general, the bonding time is very short, and the moisture will be completely absorbed by air and paper fibers immediately. Water-based adhesives are mainly used in corrugated board production lines for immediate sturdiness.

Manufacturers to achieve the effect of bonding will be added to the suspoemulsion in starch and aqueous emulsions to reconcile, in order to increase the concentration of adhesion can also prevent its precipitation. Waterborne adhesives have good initial tack, strong tack, peel strength, good frost resistance, anti-aging, non-toxic, odorless, with excellent pressure-sensitive adhesive properties, easy to use and so on. It is mainly used in the coating manufacturing process of sealing tapes, labels, and trademarks.water-based adhesive

This kind of water-based adhesive is harmless to the human body, but in the process of use, we can't mix raw water with ourselves, nor can we mix it with other liquids, and we can't eat it anymore. We need to seal it when it is not used up.

The water-based adhesive should be well stored to avoid direct sunlight, moisture, frost, general inspection if no agglomerates and no odor can continue to use, otherwise it is expired products.