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CUH-812-50  Low-temperature and environment-friendly printing adhesive

CUH-812-50 Low-temperature and environment-friendly printing adhesive

Production Introduction

CUH-812-50 is a high solid content printing adhesive  which is self-crosslinking of pure acrylic paint. It has good adaptability to the substrates as cotton, polyester, acrylic, polyester, and even silk.

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CUH-812-50 Low-temperature and environment-friendly printing adhesive Details

Production Features

1、nvironmental Product
It contains little residual Organic volatiles and no formaldehyde or banned hazardous substances APEO. It complies with environmental requirements in Japan , Europe and the United States

2、Low-temperature and cross-linking color fixing
It can get a good solid color, as well as wet and dry cleaning fastness without the high temperature baking. It is applicable to a variety of top grade fabric.

3、Good feeling and pattern
Printed products are soft and nonstick.The printed outline is very clear and bright.
4、Easy to use
This adhesive is made by the low-temperature and self-crosslinking technology.It is steady and widely used in a variety of industrial arts such as barrel roll, cylinder mould, tints, hand-printing and spraying.

5、High cover rate
CUH-812 is a high-content printing adhesive applied to a variety of dark substrates with a high cover rate.


Production Specification

Solid content (wt%)




Viscosity (mpa. s)




Average particle size (μ m)



White and light blue liquid



Package and storage
1. Package: 50Kg plastic drum, 200Kg iron drum, 1000Kg plastic drum.
2. Storage: the product should be kept away from the light in a cool place; storage temperature is 5-35 ℃; storage time of efficacy is 6 months.

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