XL—1400  Alkali-swelling Associative thickener

XL—1400 Alkali-swelling Associative thickener

Product Introduction

XL—1400 is a kind of Alkali-swelling Associative thickener with good performance used in thickening for water coating.

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XL—1400 Alkali-swelling Associative thickener Details

Product Features    
XL-1400 has an excellent consonant thickening of water phase and organic phase.It has a good high-shear viscosity and does well in improving the fullness of the coating after construction.This thickener has the best effect when the PH value is 8-9. Setting the PH of the coating, diluting XL-1400 with water at the rate of 1:3.5,dropping the diluent into the water coating slowly while stiring and then stiring it for at least 20 minutes when XL-1400 is used.The thickening ability of it will be exerted fully in this way.The stir speed is asked to make no foam for upper limit.And the foams of the water coating needs to be eliminated before thickening.
Product Specification




White and light blue liquid

Solid content (wt%)




Viscosity (mpa. s)


Package and Storage
1. Package: 50Kg plastic drum, 200Kg iron drum, 1000Kg plastic drum.
2. Storage: the product should be kept away from the light in a cool place; storage temperature is 5-35 ℃; storage time of efficacy is 6 months.

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